Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving On Up - The Daunting Task

Moving Day is upon us!  We are expecting our movers tomorrow at 8am.  Let's hope the weather holds out and we have as nice a summer day in Chicago as we did today.  After moving me out of my apartment last month ourselves (with the help of a brother-in-law with a tahoe!), the idea of hiring movers for this leg of the journey was a no-brainer.  The above picture is about 1/3 of our basement full of boxes.  And we don't even own much furniture!

A few tips when hiring movers:
  • Ask your friends who they have used and what their experience was.  We picked Jay Movers based on the numerous positive recommendations from co-workers. 
  • Want it on the cheap?  Check out  Your neighbor with a pick up might be happy to help you move a truckload for $50.
  • Read the fine print: Will the movers take a credit card the day of the move?  Is there a minimum travel time, a seperate truck fee, moving boxes included? 
  • Have bottled water or soft drinks on hand the day of the move.  Those guys are working hard so you don't have to!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I'll need your help convincing Drew that we need to hire movers next time...

  2. it was soooo worth it. Took exactly 4 hours.