Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving On Up - Splitting the Bill

With Bob and I moving in together, we faced the question of how to handle bill payments, rent checks and joint purchases.  We both use Chase for our banking so we opened a joint account seperate from our primary checking accounts.  Be on the lookout for cash back awards for opening an account - we got $125 from Chase by meeting the requirements and having direct deposit applied to the account.

After estimating how much rent, electric, cable, groceries and other household bills will be each month, we halved that amount and submitted forms for our direct deposit paychecks to allocate a certain amount to the joint account each pay period.  Although the amount is an estimate at this time, after a couple months we should be able to accurately gauge how much is going to hit for bills each month.

My primary credit card earns me points with Amazon.  While it's nice to get a free CD, Book or DVD every few months, the stakes have increased as we made our list of all of the furniture and household needs we'll have for the new place!  After doing some research on high return credit cards, the Discover More Cash Back Card seemed to be our best bet, especially since you can sign up to get 5% cash back on home stores and restaurants!  All moving expenses, furniture purchases and items for the new apartment have been going on the Discover card.  After one month we have already earned $17 from just 1 rug, a wine rack and the deposit on the couch!  We will also plan on using the card for all grocery store trips and restaurants and pay it off each month out of our brand new joint checking account.

I'm ready to start getting paid for all of my shopping!

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