Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning a Baby Shower - Decorations

Wall Calendar Decoration
This wall calendar was pretty easy to make. Whatever month the baby is due, draw an enlarged calendar on a roll of paper in black marker (if you don’t have a roll of white paper the back of wrapping paper works too!). Make a target or arrow pointing to the due date. This one was just for decoration, but you could make it an actual betting pool by having guests sign what day and time they think she’ll deliver.

Useful Balloon Weights
This is an idea taken from another baby shower I was at. Go to Walgreens or Target and stock up on baby needs under $5 each (wipes, teething ring, baby powder, etc). Tie balloons to these and they’ll act as weights that the mother-to-be can keep. Rather than buying pre-filled mylar balloons from the store and filling her car to the brim, one of the planners bought a
disposable helium tank and filled over 30 pink and white balloons at the party! Don’t forget to add a few balloons to the front porch/entrance so guests know where the party is. (http://www.maxcostumes.com/p-24500-disposable-helium-tank.aspx)

Picture Frames
To personalize the decorations, ask the grandparents-to-be to send you 10-12 photos of the mother-to-be from her early childhood. Re-purpose frames you already have around the house for the day and add a note as to what age each she is in each of the photographs.

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