Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning a Baby Shower - Games & Activities

Through a Google search of “cute baby girl” I found a photo to use on all the game sheets. This is most likely someone’s actual baby and I have stolen her image. . .but I liked it more than the generic clip art I was finding. If the mother-to-be has a nursery theme like butterflies or airplanes that might be another way to tie a baby shower theme together. Unfortunately, the clip art and colors were determined after the invites went out, otherwise my invitations would have looked more cohesive with the activity templates.

M&Ms Counting Contest
A less intensive game and something guests can do when they first arrive. I bought 4 bottles of different types and sizes and used 2 large bags of M&Ms to fill them. The mother-to-be can use the bottles afterwards (once the candy is all eaten, of course). Although, the M&Ms might stain the bottles a bit so you would have to wash them thoroughly. Another idea is be to fill clear milk storage bottles and add a carrier case to the set up so the mother-to-be can use them right away.

Onesie Decorating Station

I got this idea from another baby shower I attended. It is a nice activity that has a more casual feel than an organized game. Determine how many guests you will have or how many people you anticipate wanting to decorate. I bought three 5-packs of white onesies, each pack a different size so that they can be used throughout the baby’s first year. I bought fabric markers at Blick for $6. Set up an extra table with the markers and onesies and let people’s creativity take over. Take it a step further by hanging a clothesline against the wall and having people clothespin their finished products for display.

Baby Shower Bingo
Bingo is an easy game that gets the guests more involved in the gift opening process. I found many templates online, but most of them were pre-filled and meant not for the giftopening
but for an actual bingo game activity where someone calls out the drawn words (stork, nursery, etc). I made my own template by adding a table to word and a couple pieces of clip art. On another Web site it spelled out a selection of words that can be used in this type of game so I added those to get people thinking about what words to add to their squares. It only took about halfway through the gifts for someone to win.

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  1. I did the baby shower bingo... but the onesie decorating station is a fantastic idea, and again - wish I would have knew about it for my shower!