Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning A Baby Shower - Introduction

I was so excited to plan my sister’s baby shower with help from two of her friends. The goal was to create a casual, fun shower without games that had guests eating baby food or guessing how big the mother-to-be’s stomach is. Splitting up the work with other planners is a must so you don’t go too crazy or too broke. I handled invites, games, prizes and decorations while my sister’s friends took care of all the food and dinnerware and my mother brought the drinks. We started planning one month ahead of the event. This baby shower had 19 guests with an age range of 22-60. The shower started at 1:00pm with guests grabbing a drink and eating as they arrived. Gift opening started at 2:00pm and cake was served afterwards. The shower wound down by 3:30 -4:00pm.

This Blog series contains templates and ideas for the following areas:

o Making Your Own
o Basket of Books

Games & Activities
o M&Ms Counting Contest
o Onesie Decorating Station
o Baby Shower Bingo

Prizes & Favors

o Wall Calendar Decoration
o Useful Balloon Weights
o Picture Frames

Food & Drinks
o Light Lunch
o Mimosas
o Strawberry Shrub
o Strawberry Champagne

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