Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning a Baby Shower - Invitations

Making Your Own

Scour “Google images” for clip art or photos you like and that fit your theme. I also searched for “baby shower invitations” to get several templates on how to word the invitation. I made these simple invitations by cutting blank cards in half with craft scissors and glued the template to the front of the card, adding a few punched out designs. I bought a footprint stamp for the back of the card and printed part of a poem I found (again, Google search) on clear labels so it looked more like it was printed right on the card. Since I have horrendous handwriting, I also printed addresses on clear labels and used my return address labels. If you have good handwriting, a more personal touch on the invites might be a better way to go! I spent about 3 hours designing, creating and mailing 21 invitations. I used blank cards and paper I already had so the only cost was the stamps.

**Don’t forget to include directions to the location if there are invitees who have never been there!

Basket of Books

In each of the invitations I included the following request. Collect all of the books as the guests arrive and present as a surprise during the gift opening. Check the gift registry to see if the mother-to-be asked for any storage bins or baskets so that you can make the book holder a gift in itself.

Help build the library! Bring one of your favorite
children’s books, unwrapped, for a “Basket of Books”
we will give the mother-to-be during the shower.
Be sure to sign the inside cover to “Baby xxxx”
so the baby knows who gave her each book!


  1. *love* the basket of books idea! I wish I would have heard about that back when I had a baby shower.

  2. I was always worried that she would get 50 copies of "The Giving Tree" but there were no duplicates!