Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving On Up - Tips For Packing

We are all moved in and I cannot emphasize enough how valuable hiring movers was. It took exactly 4 hours from arrival to departure, 1 trip. This left us with the rest of the day to start unpacking, go to Target for essential needs, start putting the bed back together, realize I lost 1 instrumental screw for the bed in the moving process, go to Ace hardware, finish the bed, have the bed's metal support bend when first laying down on it, put books under the support to hold it up. . .you know, the usual.

A few tips I learned from the movers:
  • Tape all drawers and cabinet doors down. I did this for a couple items but not all.
  • Plasma and LCD TVs are seen as "VIP" items by some moving companies. If I had told the company when I hired them over the phone that I had a plasma they might have charged me $50 for the extra wrapping and care.
  • 2 pieces to the bed railings? Tape them together to keep them together.
  • The more smaller boxes or bags you can fit into one large refrigerator box (as long as it isn't immovably heavy) the better.
  • And this one I knew and you could tell the movers appreciated it - pack books and DVDs in small boxes. The weight adds up quickly! We were told some movers will just shake their head and not move something so heavy.

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