Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Room by Room - The Bathrooms

We are lucky to have 2 bathrooms in the new apartment, but that also means needing to buy everything for a bathroom twice!

Master Bathroom:

The walls are painted a brownish-taupe and our color scheme of brown and purple actually grew out of needing to find a place to display my dried eucalyptus. We broke the bank at Bed, Bath and Beyond for all bathroom needs. They have a DKNY collection "Lilac Shadow" which gave us our toothbrush holder and rug. As much as I liked the rest of this collection, I could not justify spending $39 on a wastebasket when I could spend $7 on this Umbra one in brown.

Our towels came from Target. They are mysteriously named "Taupe Dusk". Sounds like a new TNT Drama.

Second Bathroom

The walls of the second bathroom are painted yellow and all of my towels that moved with me are blue and white. We stuck with the "bright" theme and found a geometric shower curtain in blue from Bed, Bath and Beyond. A canvas tote from Target holds washcloths and hand towels and a glass jar sitting on the sink is filled with cottonballs.

This bathroom contains the world's smallest linen closet, with a door only 12 inches wide. It gets the job done, however, by holding bath towels, extra supplies and our sheets. I take hotel bath products whenever I travel and finally have somewhere to keep them all! I bought two small baskets from World Market for one of the closet shelves and filled one with travel size shampoo/conditioner and the other with body wash and other bath products (mouthwash, toothpaste, floss, etc). Now we just need the houseguests!

One thing these bathrooms do not have is Artwork! Stay tuned. . .

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  1. I'll be there in four weeks!

    Everything looks great, Lydia. :)