Friday, June 12, 2009

Room by Room - Introduction

Slowly but surely, the apartment is coming together. There may be a big credit card bill looming, but it is all coming together! My decorating budget broke down each item or area of the house we would be buying for and was much needed as it helped limit our spending on each individual item so that the costs as a whole did not surpass the amount I had saved for moving and decorating expenses. All intentions were towards being able to pay off the credit card each month and not accruing interest.

As we started looking at furniture, we found ways to adjust our budget. For example, our couch and dresser ended up being overbudget, but we decided to wait on buying a new bed for the master bedroom and are using my sister's dining table and chairs.

The entries under "Room by Room" will show how each finished room/area looks and what went into making it that way.

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  1. Holy Crap... do really have that much extra time to make an intensive spreadsheet like this?!?! Wow, I am impressed again. You know, if you brought this to'd probably be in apartment-shopping-heaven!