Friday, June 12, 2009

Room by Room - "The Library"

Between the two of us, Bob and I have a lot of books and I've always liked highlighting them in my apartments. (some people collect unicorns or display hummel figures, I put all my focus - and money - into books and movies!)

We bought two Billy Bookcases from Ikea for $89 each in black-brown. I thought we'd have plenty of room on the shelves left over for knick knacks or more books yet to be bought, but they actually filled up pretty quickly! Also from Ikea are the white magazine filers on the bottom shelf for Bob's Architectural Digests and my Dominos (sadly out of print). Another one filled with Cooking Lights is in the kitchen alongside cookbooks.

Although this idea may get the boot the more books we acquire, I wanted to consolidate all of my framed family and friend photos into one area of the apartment rather than spread out on every available side table and shelf. We made one of the shelves of the bookcases smaller than the rest at eye level and layered the photos. My adorable neice Estella makes a cameo on the blog here!

Our black leather chair and ottoman was Bob's uncle's chair and the end table was an old one that we re-painted the color of our coffee table. The red circle rug for an accent was $9 from Ikea and I actually had the same one in my old apartment in my entryway.

The lamp is actually a thrift store find from Bob's family and the red lamp shade was $8 at Ikea. Are you seeing a trend with Ikea? I sure am!

The picture we have on the wall is from I love their selection of vintage movie posters. This one caught my eye, "The Big Knife." The poster came unframed for $25 and the frame was from Ikea for the same price! We experimented with the placement based on an already existing nail hole, but I think we are going to center it a bit more.

You might not be able to see the coasters sitting on the end table, but here is a close-up. At a friend's wedding each guest's place setting had a pair of photo-frame coasters with our name in one and the wedding date in another. I re-designed these by cutting up a picture of. . .

Can you guess what it is?

Gum! In Seattle there is a wall of gum near Pike Place Market that I had taken a close-up picture of. I think the coasters look kind of fun and abstract.

And so our Library/Reading Area is completed. How nice to have a relaxing place to read a book!

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  1. Oops, I spoke to soon... it looks like you already went to 'heaven' !!