Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Room by Room - The Hallway

Having the bedrooms separated from the main living area and kitchen by a long hallway really made this apartment stand out. Our art inspiration for one of the wall sections was the great city we call home. Bob also had the opportunity to create a wall that paid homage to two of his
relatives who have big ties to Chicago.

Bob's Uncle Bob (and the reason Bob calls himself Bob*) was Commissioner of various departments under our first Mayor Daley. We hung up three signs that were inherited including Bureau of Streets, Bureau of Sanitation and Bureau of Forestry, Parkways & Beautification.

Bob's Uncle Jack (he of the constant puns) also has a claim to fame in Chicago. His photography firm Hedrich Blessing is responsible for some of the most notable architecture photography in and around Chicago including Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters. Bob had several old calendars of their photography so we took our favorites (Merchandise Mart, Water Tower, etc) and framed them with black frames I already owned.

One of these is of the Wrigley Building and includes a shot of the building I work in (401) not existing yet!

I feel as though our final addition to the wall is becoming so popular that it is no longer a unique item to have in one's house, but I still love this piece. The Chicago Neighborhoods poster can be seen in the window of just about every framing store in the city and you can get your own of Chicago, San Francisco, Manhattan and more at Our frame is from Target, and while this 18x24 frame isn't fancy by any means, it gets the job done for $20!

*Fun Fact: Bob's name is actually Edward Robert.

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