Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Room by Room – The Living Room

It is where we will spend the majority of our time (not sleeping), so making this room attractive and comfortable was key.
The couch in my previous apartment was a $100 thrift store find covered with a $100 slipcover. It did the trick for four years, but was not going to make the cut for our new place. After attempting to sell it on Craigslist and the buyers not being able to get it out of my doorway, that couch was sawed in half and left out in the dumpster area. A sad death, but I had our new Genessa Sofa from Rubin’s Furniture to lift my spirits. Rubin’s has a store in Madison so I knew of their contemporary yet affordable styles. This particular couch is sectional style so we could pick and choose from loveseat to sofa to chaise, etc. The floor model was a loveseat plus chaise – we decided to go with the loveseat, chair and ottoman which gets us the exact dimensions for the chaise, but with the flexibility of being able to move the ottoman where needed

  • One thing I’ve learned through all this has been to ALWAYS NEGOTIATE. Especially in today’s economy, I’m finding that the stores are just happy to be making the sales. On our first trip to the store, we were misquoted the price (they gave us a quote for loveseat and ottoman without the chair). If we had heard the original price we probably would not have gone back a second time as it was out of our price range. However, once the issue was discovered we were able to meet halfway between the quoted price and the actual price and saved almost $300.
  • Since we ended up paying more than originally intended, we decided to get around the $95 delivery fee by borrowing my sister and brother-in-law’s Tahoe for the day. Luckily, the sofa is sectional and our pieces were delivered in three pieces. 2 trips and we were all moved in. Be sure to measure your vehicle’s dimensions and review the furniture’s dimensions so you can plan ahead for bringing bungee cords – or a bigger vehicle!
All of my rugs have been from Ikea and have cost less than $30. Going to a real rug store was intimidating as I did not think you could buy a nice one for under $400. We remembered driving by a small store on Clybourn that had contemporary rugs in the window so we decided to stop by one day to check it out. The store is called Rugs & Interior and when we walked in we were told everything was 50% off! We found our 5x8 rug in a matter of minutes and only paid $125. It matches our style and is really comfortable. I just went to their Web site again today to check on the link and it looks like they have re-vamped the whole site. To my Chicagoans, I encourage you to visit the site and the store to look at the styles they have to offer –the 50% sale is through the rest of July!

You know and love the story of how the Coffee Table came to be. Read about it again here.

The pillows on the couch were yard sale finds that my talented Aunt Christine sewed new covers for. We spent some time at her favorite quilting store and picked out styles for both sides. All you have to do is cut 2 squares of your fabric about 1 inch wider and taller than your pillow on all sides. Lay them inside out from each other and run 3 sides through the sewing machine at that 1 inch mark.. Reverse the pillowcase. Stuff in your pillow filling, fold in the remaining side and close’r up. We used the same concept a year later when she helped me make bean bags for our Bags game. 5 had Packers fabric, 5 had Badger Fabric and they were filled with beads from the craft store. If you would like to sew a removable slipcover for your pillow, here are some easy directions.

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