Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyone Loves IKEA. . .

. . .even Ella, my 3-month old niece, is wowed by the low, low prices she’s seeing in the new catalog! It only seemed like we broke the bank there a couple months ago when we furnished large chunks of our library, media center and balcony, but the final price on that receipt showed some amazing savings.

Looking forward to heading there this Sunday!

Here’s a sneak peek at what posts will come out of this IKEA trip:
o    Distressing picture frames (Ribba Frames for $5!)
o    Making a soap stand for Jacuzzi tubside (hard to explain, but I was inspired by a picture in The Nest)
o    Room by Room – the Guest Bedroom (final pieces of the puzzle to be bought this weekend)
o    Room by Room – the Master Bedroom (waiting on a full length mirror to lean against the wall)

Check out the IKEA Hacker blog for mucho inspiration for your next IKEA trip!

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