Monday, September 21, 2009

"I Could Make That" - Wine Cabinet

You got a sneak peek at our Wine Cabinet when I wrote about the Dining Room so I'm back to share what we did to turn a simple bathroom cabinet from Target into a mini bar.

The main issue with this re-imagining was the depth of the cabinet. Meant for towels and toiletries, not for corkscrews and chianti, the door would not close if a wine bottle was laid on its side. The back of the cabinet was attached with small nails so it was easy to remove. We cut a couple pieces of wood from Home Depot to fit and nailed the frame together. However, before gluing the frame to the back we realized we should have listened to the old adage of "measure twice, cut once." It was thisclose, but the door still would not shut properly.

One more layer of wood was glued to the first frame and then we used wood glue to snap the new and improved back into place. After giving the frame some time to gel with heavy books on the corners, it was all set. Note that the shelf holding the glasses does not go all the way to the back of the cabinet because of the extension. We'll need to be careful how far the stemware goes back or else get even craftier and add an extra part to the shelf.

Although the wood frame is not very visible based on the location of the cabinet, I plan to spray paint the whole thing in the coming weeks. Just have to wait for a trip to the suburbs - did you know there is a city ordinance banning the sale of spray paint in the city of Chicago? Although I am sure I could tag with the best of them, I will use it only for goofy projects like this - I swear Mr. Daley!

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