Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Room by Room - The Guest Bedroom

It has been awhile since an apartment update and I must admit this guest room still has a few loose ends! However, as I started snapping pictures I realized how long one post would get so I think I'll still have plenty to talk about when the room is Done with a capital "D."

I had come from a studio apartment, albeit a very large studio in which my bed occupied a space reserved for a dining room table, creating a "bedroom-ish" (bonus: I could reach my arm out to microwave something if the need would have ever arose). Therefore, having actual bedrooms plural was enough to put a permanent smile on my face. Finally, guests would have an option other than my couch to camp out on.

As with the rest of the apartment, the owners had painted colors we loved and left the drapes. Hence the bold red and goldie curtains that helped us define the color scheme.

If you are looking at my first photo and thinking "are those twin beds?" you are correct. Bob inherited them with the bedding from his uncle's guest room and, after initial balking, I came around on the idea of them in the second bedroom. Inspiration came from a photo spread in a Domino showcasing some adorable twin bed pairings (see below). Plus, it is nice not to force non-couples to share my not-quite-queen size IKEA Malm. We saw some budget savings with not having to spring for all new bedding at this time, but I would love to cover the small accent pillows to lighten up the beds. Any ideas on fabrics?

How do we save some money while decorating the apartment? Craigslist furniture hunting! Of course, this method works best when one actually reads and measures the dimensions listed for the furniture. Bob and I were drawn to a $35 Mersman end table we thought we could use as a nightstand. All it needs is a fresh coat of spray paint. However, when we got it in, we realized it stuck out about half the length of the beds. Big Oops. So, we turned it sideways (who needs a drawer anyways?), and plan to paint the "front" slightly different and add a faux knob. Plus, it spreads the beds apart a bit further giving more room for this sheepskin rug from IKEA. Credit younghouselove.com with giving me the idea to pick one of these up. I'm not sure why IKEA has it listed at $40 as it was closer to $20. Thinking of upgrading to a larger one for this room and moving this little guy to our closet. A nice treat for our feet in the mornings.

As I am sure many second bedrooms do, ours also acts as our office. The blond wood desk was actually built by one of Bob's relatives. To make it fit against this wall we had to close off one of the french doors. This has not been a problem, although our guests are missing out on being able to swing both doors open with a flourish, ready to start their mornings. 2 filing drawers house - what else - our files, and my printer sits atop them. A red Pottery Barn tray holds post-its, pens and a giant paper clip that seems to breed Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. We got our land line through Magic Jack, of which the jury is still out on. Though incredibly cheap, it requires an internet connection so if our computer hibernates or if we lose the wireless we don't have the phone. Hmm. . .

The theme of the room is "Vintage Travel" and there are touches throughout:

- Allposters.com gave us our 27x40 "headboards" of Nice and Japan while these two 20x28 frames hang above the desk.

- A bookshelf contains globes, all of our travel books, and a few key photos from past trips. If you want a fun read, check out No Touch Monkey, a travel essay collection that will either make you want to jump on a plane tomorrow or never leave your house after hearing some of the author's stories.

- In a post about puzzles I mentioned we would be attaching one to the wall in our guest bedroom and you can see Rome represented here - stuck on with Command Mounting Strips.

- Piano music from the movie "San Francisco" is framed and perched on a nightstand holding coffee table books, A CD alarm clock with CDs and the card deck 52 Adventures in Chicago which begs to be flipped through.

- A metal road sign straight from England leans against a wall.

Cue the Oprah-like voice over: "Guests of Lydia and Bob stay in a fabulous travel-themed guest room and receive such amenities as Fiji water and endless candies on the nightstand, all the travel sized toiletries you could ask for, full use of an in-room office and - let's face it - some pretty great company."

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  1. Lydia, you have done such a great job! I felt very welcome when I stayed with you. May I suggest a light gray and cream check fabric to keep with the menswear feel of the other bedding while still lightening things up? That was my first idea...