Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall In - Carving Pumpkins

What is Halloween without a few carved pumpkins lying around? Although, I do have to ignore the voice in my head that knows in two weeks I'll be looking at my shriveling and quickly decaying friends and thinking, "now what do I do with them?

After not finding any pumpkins for sale at our local Jewel, I feared the canned pumpkin shortage was also hitting the real deal. Driving around for a bit, we found a parking lot pumpkin patch outside of a Dominicks. We picked out three perfect ones and headed home

My role in pumpkin carving is purely supervisory. Bob proved his worth the past couple years with several designs he created free hand and off of some google searches for images. Last year he made a Linus and the Great Pumpkin design for a work contest and also experimented with only shaving off the top layer of orange skin.

There are plenty of photos and templates out there for you to use either to eyeball the design (like Bob does) or to print it off and copy it straight onto your pumpkin (like I would have to).

In 2009, our pumpkins included a Skull and Cross Bones Pirate, a Ghost in a Graveyard scene, and our attempt to create a serving bowl for an upcoming dinner party. More on that to come!

The serving bowl involved cutting off a generous portion of the top and scooping out every bit of insides to make sure no gunk was left to make its way into the soup. Bob then carved a fence-like border around the top and added a pumpkin patch outline using an x-acto knife.

The pumpkins are chilling on the balcony now. After viewing some Martha Stewart videos and a few slideshows of some crazy pumpkins, Bob is working on improving his game. We have a year to plan. . .


  1. That pumpkin is amazing! How do you get such detail?

  2. Thanks! We just drew on the design we found via a google image search for pumpkin patches and sliced out the outline using an x-acto knife instead of the regular carving tools.

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