Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall In - Halloween Cards

I make my own Christmas cards every year. Now, I don't believe this practice is saving me any money because a smart girl could buy a 50-pack of cards half off at Target post December 25. But I likes my 3D stickers and those can add up. I had not tried making cards for other holidays until a couple years ago when I sent out a set for Halloween.

Using  a set of holiday themed phrase stickers as a starting point, I ran with google image searching, construction paper and a pair of scissors. I like using thick double sided tape to create my own 3D effects with bats, flames, a ghost's arms and witches' hats. Just print out the image twice and cut one up to use the parts you would like to make stand out.

For the insides, I used phrase stamps like "Trick and Treat" I bought on sale at a scrapbook store. In the image below, I actually messed up by having to apply the stamp twice, but in the end I kind of like how it turned out!

As one of the cards above says, "Happy Haunting!"

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