Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall In - Home Decor II

Not content with having just decorated my own place, I got in on my sister's Halloween decorating weekend this past Sunday! After inventorying all of her goodies (and getting over some mucho jealousy of her collection), we started brainstorming themes for her bookshelves and fireplace mantle.

You might recognize her mummy and other paper mache figurines from my decorations as they hail from the same gift store. We decided to create an eerie pumpkin patch scene of the monsters hanging out in the moonlight with one frightened little trick-or-treater. The patch is made up of real gourds, mini pumpkin tea light holders and extra autumnal tea lights stacked upon one another for height. Things were looking a little sparse until we spread out fake spider webbing to resemble a mist over the whole scene. Thicker in the back to cover the ghouls' feet, the fog thins out near the front.

Tackling the bookshelf, we gathered up all of her black cats and arranged them together in one emptied shelf. Add a few hardcover books with ominous titles like "The Devil's Snare" and it is a nice understated scene - this is a trick cribbed from younghouselove, complete with one of the same books they used! I mentioned some jealousy earlier and it stems from my sister's cardboard band of kitties. Love them.

I definitely did not say no to a trip to Michael's to find some further inspiration and take advantage of the massive sale prices. We grabbed some white sand, a bag of fake leaves (marked down to 49 cents!) and a pumpkin pie candle to update one of her hurricanes for the holidays. And I bought my first Christmas card making goodies of the season. . .but more on that in a month or two.

It was fun to get another taste of decorating at my sister's house - and they still have to finish their outdoor display. . .hmm. . .can I come over next weekend??

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