Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall In - Home Decor

I surprised myself and was actually able to hold out until after October 1st to bust out the Halloween decorations. I do, however, need to admit that I listened to Christmas music on my way into work last week. Is there an iPod feature that blocks a song from being played until after Thanksgiving? If so, I may need to implement it.

I have slowly been amassing Halloween decor to the point that it takes up 1 plastic tote in the closet - as opposed to the 2 1/2 that are taken up with Christmas decorations. For now, I just have a few focal points in the living room/dining area rather than try to space things out throughout the whole apartment. In the top picture, I am using our already set candlesticks, replacing one of them with a golden pear candle from an after-Halloween Pottery Barn sale a few years ago. Plastic spiders crawl their way up to the top. Smaller cranberry scented and pumpkin shaped candles from the same PB sale are nestled in a 99 cent string of garland I bought at Walgreens about 6 or 7 years ago. Definitely getting some mileage out of that one. The paper mache figurines are from Mill Pond, a great little gift store and gallery in Long Grove - one of our stops during Apple Fest this past weekend.

The paper mache dolls tie in well with the type of vintage holiday decorations I love. These small buckets were found at World Market. Could be perfect on a table filled with candy - I just have tissue paper in them for now. The rest of the DVD shelf mantle holds more pumpkin candles and a collection of cards. The little boy figurine was a gift from Bob to add to the display this year - my aversion to lifelike statues aside, I think the little guy fits in great. Seriously, they could come to life and attack at any moment - check out the statue that is outside my work building. I fear for my life every day.

I realized we do not own any horror movies that we could stack up for a display, so I settled for all of the Harry Potters alongside a soapstone cat, one of my favorite little craft show finds. A hurricane filled with eyeball shaped chocolates, Pier 1 candles, tiny pumpkin buckets, colorful cards and my fall stamps round out the DVD shelf display.

We have
one area of our bookshelves housing all of our picture frames, so we replaced one section with Halloween photos from years past. Fun times were had, looking forward to adding to the collection later this month!

The new dining table centerpiece started with a couple two-toned gourds my Mom found growing wild by our house. I stuck one in a hurricane on top of straw and surrounded them with a few more Apple Fest finds and pumpkin candles. 

Okay, so now it's official - Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner. . . .who else is excited?

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