Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I Could Make That" - Scrapbook Art

My sister had a great idea in purchasing 2 scrapbook paper sized frames (12"x12") for some ever-changing art in my niece's nursery. By making scrapbook pages two at a time and placing the old pages in a growing scrapbook, Ella's first year or two would be well documented. We worked on the first few pages over the past couple weekends and Ella herself is pretty pleased with the results.

For the first page theme, we focused on her birthday and played on the hot air balloon theme and color scheme  already in the nursery. 2 hot air balloons carry pictures of the proud parents with their new bundle of joy while lifting a banner high into the sky (albeit a green and white polka dot sky).  We wrote the date, weight and length on floating clouds and the banner carried her name. Getting creative (and inky-fingered) to make her name stand out on the pink background, we took white plastic letters I had and pressed them into a black ink pad. Now, the real question is: why did I have white plastic letters? I sure have no idea, but they have been in my craft binder for years. And didn't they come in handy??

I was able to find a few decorative brads in the arsenal that matched the polka dot theme. Carefully punching through yellow ribbon and the paper, gave the page more of a 3D effect.

The second page was based around an adorable outfit Ella has already grown out of! Her little strawberry outfit is displayed in construction paper cut outs on a strawberry background. Extra details are added with flowery brads throughout the page.

With two pages made, we had the wall art for the nursery covered for at least a few months. Once you start crafting though, it is hard to stop. Page 3, awaiting future installation or perhaps going straight into the memory book, would be a Bath Time theme. Using templates of all sizes, we cut out circles in blue, cream and yellow. These were glued all over a page to make sudsy bubbles for rubber ducky stickers and pictures of Baby's First Bath.

And so, my baby-filled weekend comes to a close. Although, I should add that it was also a family-room-painting-filled weekend at my sister's house. More fun and photos to come on that soon enough!

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