Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall In - Costume Recap

Another Halloween has come and gone. I stayed true to my roots by rifling through the closet and spending less than $10 on any prop needs. My bright yellow trench coat was the starting point. Hmm. . . Curious George or Dick Tracy? As much as I'd like to carry a monkey around all night, I went with the comic book detective. Easy enough: a black suit with a white button down, fedora and tie.

I probably could  have searched for a cheap red and white striped option at the thrift store, but by painting an old tie it ended up looking a bit more cartoonish and comic-booky (if I may make up a word). I also threw on a short black wig leftover from a mod girl costume to keep up with the look.

Dick Tracy's radio watch was actually pretty easy. I taped an ipod case over my real watch and made little zig zag "radio waves" out of black twist-ties.

There was a fun night ahead and some good costume spotting. Ready to do it again next year?

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