Friday, November 13, 2009

Room by Room - The Kitchen

Number one priority when we were looking for an apartment beyond 4 walls and a ceiling? A decent sized kitchen with newer appliances. Bob and I have really gotten into cooking over the past couple years and, although I am still at the stage where I need to follow a recipe to a tee and can't just make things up as I go along, having a kitchen we want to be in is a good thing. Stainless steel and granite countertops were just a nice-to-have. . .and it sure is!

My new motto is "keep the counters clear!" The blender went into the cupboard and the bright orange Mario Batali utensil crock was deleted from the Amazon wish list. By having multiple areas for prep, cooking time can become a bit more zen-like and a little less cramped. Of course, you can't keep everything shut up, so let me share what we have in our little corner here. If you are noticing a whole lotta red, you are seeing the leftovers from my red kitchen phase I started junior year of college. My Crate and Barrel toaster, Pier 1 fruit bowl and teapot still make me happy all these years later. Our bread "basket" is a dish from Mexico we received as a gift and sugar and flour reside in the white canisters. Our lovely Wusthof knives and some delish oils round out the corner.

I found some great dishtowels of San Fransisco and Paris at World Market with an apron to match. Switching out the dishtowels is such a cheap and easy way to change up the look of the kitchen. It's probably time to take down the Halloween themed ones, huh?

A little life was added to the kitchen widowsill with a bamboo plant and orchid. My orchid bloomed for the second time this past spring and summer which is a decided improvement on my track record with plants! In college I framed a bunch of black and white cards for each room in the house: jeans on a clothesline hung above my dresser, a toad in a tub on the bathroom wall and typewriter keys by my computer and school stuff. This one of the kitten peeking out of pie crust is just too cute not to keep up in the kitchen.

We took 4 IKEA Ribba frames to display some Bob originals. His photos of the Denver Public Library and the Colorado Convention Center fit our one pillar wall in the kitchen perfectly.

So what are a few of our other favorite tools in the kitchen?

- Marble cheese slicer: Snacky snacks of cheese and crackers were never so easy to whip up.
- Apple Corer and Divider: Because apples pair oh so well with those cheese and crackers.

- My homemade recipe book: organization + passed down recipes = delicious.
- Colorful bowls from Anthropologie: white dinnerware may be the classic, but you gotta mix it up sometimes.
- Pyrex Storage: Just say no to microwaving plastic.
- Nigella Salt Pig: Fell in love with the idea of a salt pig at The Chopping Block. Pepper is pretty jealous.

Time to get cooking!

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