Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest 2009

The time has come for the Gingerbread House Decorating Contest! My family and friends came through for me and I have 3 entries for you to vote on using the poll feature on the right hand bar of your screen. You have until January 8 to vote (a bit extended due to the holidays and how busy everyone is!) and the winner will receive a magazine subscription of their choice!  Extra points if you can guess the number of pounds of sugar it took to make all of these houses. I'm estimating it could fill a couple full-size houses!

1. Little Cabin in the Woods
This entry features impressive sugar cone/pretzel rod trees covered in green-tinted coconut towering over a log cabin made of dark gingerbread, candy canes and a whole lotta royal icing. Gummy and white chocolate trees surround the house and ice skating rink while a pretzel fence leads into the Necco wafer path and a Hershey Bar door. A Necco wafer roof surrounds a chimney formed by dark M&Ms and a wispy cloud of smoke. 

I especially like the "starry sky" element using the long star shaped suckers and the little pretzel/Hershey Bar bench in front of the door.

2. It's a Marshmallow World
Our next entry focuses on a Marshmallow family enjoying their winter retreat. The white, blue and silver theme carried through from the white chocolate chip covered chimney and the frosted mini wheat roof to  the blue jolly rancher mailbox (also used to melt into the windows) and the star shaped fence. 

White chocolate dipped sugar cones create the forest in the back of the house and cotton candy acts as snow on the sides of the roof.

3 of the Marshmallow family members (including baby) ice skate, while a fourth family member relaxes with his feet up in a hot tub filled with Marshmallow Fluff.

3. Carpenter Gothic
This next entry towers over the others in an impressive 15" by 15" spread. That cookie sheet didn't know what it was in for! Architecturally accurate, the house boasts a gum shingled roof (mmm, winterfreshy!) and a facade covered in red fondant with royal icing piped in. Pink bubble gum tape was cut with craft scissors to create the scalloped scrollwork along the roof. 

Blue fondant creates the background for the front door and a handful of green gumdrops line the entryway as bushes. The extra tall lollipop sticks are stuck into marshmallows for support. 

Again, vote for your favorite using the poll feature on the right hand bar of your screen. The winner will be announced in January after voting closes!


  1. Who could possibly choose one of these over the others? Each has its own charm - Cabin in the Woods for its precision, Marshmellow World for its whimsy, and Carpenter Gothic for its architectural integrity.

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