Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Christmas - Gift Themes

Don’t just settle for themed wrapping paper this holiday season (a few options in this post). The theme can be the thing when it comes to your presents, too! Our cat, Spike, is definitely ready to start opening his gifts in the top picture.

For several years I’ve taken on a theme for the gifts for my family. Again, I’m going to apologize for not having a lot of photos from the actual events, instead recreating them with a lot of right-clicks and copying into paint!

I surveyed everyone to find out their favorite “flavors” from a list of peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, etc. After I had a flavor for each recipient, I got creative with how that could apply to gifts. This was the year I used the “natural” wrapping theme so I filled a paper mache box with a few small items for each person.

The Chocolate lover got a pair of mocha colored mittens, a dessert recipe book and, of course, some Ghirardelli goodness.
Peppermint received striped gloves, candles, some peppermint bark and a candy cane colored ornament.

Go Global
In this case, each family member had a country or city assignment.

The Londoner got a book about the city, a cute toiletries bag that fit with the theme and a Harry Potter toy for fun.
Italy received Under the Tuscan Sun, some gourmet pasta and an Italian cookbook

TV Shows
This one was probably the most work I put into one of the themes. While the other years I just had one of the person’s gifts be theme-related, this year I had all of them connect back to the theme through quote cards included with each of the gifts. I thought about everyone’s favorite TV show and bought the first season (or whatever season they needed) on DVD. Everyone opened that gift at the same time. Then, each additional gift they opened had a quote card from the show. Some of the gifts were pretty straightforward with how they applied, like BBQ supplies for my dad who likes King of the Hill and Hank the Propane Salesman. Others, like anti-aging hand cream for the Six Feet Under fan added a bit of creativity to the mix.

Sex and the City got wine glasses, cocktail recipe book and a New York calendar.
CSI received pretty dish gloves and fun cleaning supplies, a CD of Vegas hits and a magnifying glass for craft/quilting projects.

We are a family of “give me your list so I can buy what you actually want,” so I sometimes try to tweak the theme to make the item on the list fit – for example, my sister collects Spode Christmas dinnerware so I bought the wine glasses and applied a Sex and the City quote about parties.

What is this year’s theme? Find out after the holidays!

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