Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Christmas - 2009 Cards

It is hard to believe Christmas is over. I am just back from a week up north and a major Kitchen Makeover project I gave my Mom for the holidays (it was a Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day present - more holidays were added the more my budget ballooned!). I can't wait to share all of the details over the next couple weeks. In the meantime though, while I recover from the manual labor my body just isn't used to, I will do a quick re-cap of the Christmas Cards I sent out to family and friends this year.

As my card list grows, I am starting to realize I may need to begin working on these in June, but all in all I was pretty happy with the results in 2009! The day after Thanksgiving we hit Michael's where I bought 2 containers of 3D foam stickers (glittery trees, crisp white snowflakes, stars, stockings, santa hats and peguins). On sale for $10 was a large pad of paper with black and white designs that I used for the backgrounds. I also picked up a couple new stamps. I have said it before and I'll say it again - I have horrific handwriting so phrase stamps like "Season's Greetings" are a necessity. It took me a little bit to figure out how I might use the big one with all of the winter-themed words. . . 
The 3D sticker set also came with some foam circles that I pressed onto certain areas of the word collage stamp. I also used my new circle cutter compass for the insides, attaching it with thick double sided tape. 

The sticky-backed foam shapes made things pretty easy in the adhesive department, but their thickness left me in a postage quandry. One stamp or two? Sure, I could have gone to the post office to make sure I had the right postage before sending, but who has time to wait in the lines? I decided to just use one stamp and if they got returned I'd learn my lesson. Imagine my surprise when my Mom phoned, thanked me for the card and mentioned that along with it she received a 20 cent bill from the Post Office! I did not know that was a possibility! So far I have not heard of any of the other recipients having this issue, but if they did I want to ensure them that I did not mean to charge for my card (it's not that good!).

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