Monday, December 21, 2009

Year End Review: The Top Ten

In this season of giving, it got me to thinking about what I've given myself this year. Here it is: the top ten purchases I made in 2009 that made me happier, warmer, craftier and comfortabler. It's just like Oprah's Favorite Things episode, except I am not giving anything away and - let's be honest - a $10 circle cutting compass does not really compare to the LG HDTV Refrigerator she gave away in 2007.

In no particular order. .

Oh Genessa Sofa and Ottoman, how do I love thee? Let me count the number of inches longer you are than my last couch. Our Rubin's Furniture purchase set the tone for our decor scheme in the living room and apartment as a whole. 

Minnetonka Moccasins
My family looks forward to stopping in Seguins Cheese Shop in Marinette, WI when we are home for the holidays. Along with a Wisconsin-worthy selection of cheese, we also find some of the best slippers. Bob and I got on the bandwagon this year and ordered a couple pairs to keep our tootsies warm this winter. 

Plane Tickets!
My international work trips got cut drastically this year so I reasoned with myself that the time off and $$ I would have used to extend a couple of those trips should be used to visit my far-flung friends. Goodbye extra boon to the savings account and hello to San Diego, Houston, New York and a few Amtrak trips to Milwaukee! It was so great to take long weekends here and there to reconnect with my dear and not-so-near friends. Not having to drag my work laptop along was the added bonus! 

Full-Length Mirror
It has been hard not to be vain when I have a beautiful six foot tall Mongstad Mirror leaning against a wall in our bedroom. Although the story of getting it to our house is quite the feat (involves a borrowed Tahoe and a luck and a prayer on its precarious strapping to the roof), this IKEA find for $99 seems like the steal of the year!

Vintage Travel Posters
Adding to the theme in our second bedroom, the throwback ads look great against the bold red walls. Enough to make me want to sleep in our guest room more often!

HD Receiver
Made this list for the sheer drama of it all. Read about it here

Goat Cheese
Retail Price: $5. Result: my new appetizer stand-by. Rolled goat cheese in a pecan and cinnamon mixture with rosemary sprinkled and honey drizzled on top. Why didn't I think of that?

Recently learned there will definitely not be a third season. As Bret and Jemaine would say, "I'm not crying. . .it's just raining on my face."

Craft Supplies
A few new purchases to add to the mess in the extremely organized craft drawers in the closet. My compass circle cutter made my Christmas cards happen, pads of scrapbook paper also created great cards and a recipe book and lots of new paint colors helped me to distress picture frames, paint coffee tables and make new tub decor. Which leads me to. . .

One of my forays into DIY this year, very happy with the result. Scroll down if you don't want to hear me brag, but I was also pretty excited to get featured on IKEA Hacker and One Pretty Thing with this pretty thing.

There are probably a few I am not thinking of and tomorrow I will want to tack on another 10. For now, I look at the list and remember that it was a very good year indeed! Enough about presents to myself though, I am ready to start giving goodies to other people this Friday the 25th!

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