Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flashback - Bob's Bday

Bob and I just finished up the fourth and are working our way through the fifth season of Lost on Netflix. Just in time to start DVR’ing the final season starting this week! Coincidentally, it is also almost time for Bob’s Birthday which reminds me of how we celebrated last year. . .

Ahh, early 2009. We were just kids back then. We had also recently finished Lost Season 2 on Netflix and were more than hooked. I had been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to celebrate Bob’s birthday to compare with what I organized they year before. . .

Ahh, early 2008. We were just kids back then (and yes, this is a flashback within a flashback). I came up with the idea of setting up an “indoor campsite” in my apartment as a theme for dinner and his birthday evening. I bought glow-in-the-dark stars for the living room ceiling and planned on pitching my 2-person tent. Sadly and with much frustration, after 45 minutes I realized that my tent was not physically able to be erected without stakes being put in the ground first and I just wasn’t willing to hammer giant holes in the hardwood (I don’t think my landlord would appreciate that either!). Giving up, I moved my feather bed, down comforter and pillows to the living room and left it at that!

Living in a studio apartment with no balcony meant that I had to get creative with how we were going to grill out. I pulled out the George Foreman and my chocolate fondue set and set it up on the coffee table alongside the “campfire” made up of the candles I owned. At the time, the only candles I had were the kind sold in jars so the set up was not quite the look I had in my head! I filled the cooler with beer and set up my camping chair.

After dinner, we watched Catch and Release, a Jennifer Garner movie that was both outdoorsy and filmed in his college town of Boulder, CO.

Bob loved the evening, but I was already trying to figure out how to top myself in 2009. As I mentioned, we were up to season 3 of Lost so I planned  a marathon weekend of getting through the 20-odd episodes. I don’t have any photos from the set up so hang in there as I “re-create!”

My Entertainment Weekly subscription came in handy when it came to decoration, and although I only had about the last 5 months worth in my place at the time, it was amazing how many pictures of the cast I could find! I drew the map Locke found on the blast door in the second season and taped the cast photos all over it. This went up on the living room wall. Then I printed out a dozen or so Dharma Initiative labels to cover the food in the fridge and pantry. It actually looked kind of cool when you opened the cupboard door and found all generic looking canned goods and pasta boxes! (source note: approachinglost.)

Speaking of food, I made salmon for dinner and had lots of fresh fruit on hand for dinner and the next morning's breakfast. I picked up bamboo disposable plates and cutlery for us to eat off of. Dinner for one night was covered, but with a full season of our TV series ahead of us more sustinence would surely be needed. Luckily, a cooler had also "washed on shore" and when Bob opened it he discovered $40 and the delivery menu for our favorite local pizza place (Pat's).

I love my Netflix subscription, but the 3-at-a-time plan I am on was not enough to cover the 6-disc season so I had to pick them all up at Blockbuster. Poor Video Rental Stores, you can find some good deals nowadays and it seems like you can keep your movies forever, but I fear they are going the way of the buffalo.

Along with the DVDs, I bought us both new pajamas from the Gap (hey, I wanted to be comfortable all weekend too!) and wrapped them in tissue paper, hidden in a pile of suitcases I set up in one corner of the apartment. Although the decor gave away the theme when he walked in my place, it wasn’t until he opened the gifts that he realized we were in for a 20 hour LOST-FEST.

If I remember right, we started with 4 episodes after dinner, strolled out of bed the next morning for another 15 or so and then finished them off on Sunday morning. I think we were both a little dizzy and felt like we were isolated on an island ourselves in the end.

So what is in the works for February 2010? Can’t give it away just yet (he does check in on this blog every once in awhile to see what I'm saying about him, after all), but I actually just came up with an idea this week so be sure to come back. . .

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  1. OMG I did exactly the same thing with a date night for my hubby (then boyfriend)!!!! We went out for a seafood dinner, and then came back to my house where we "crash landed" and had to construct a shelter (blankets and string tied up all over the room), had to make fire (in the fireplace) and I even had ocean wave sounds in the background.

    I had cut out construction-paper stars and hung them from the ceiling, and we had camping type food while we watched LOST!!! One of my favorites for sure! Great minds think alike :-)