Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're the Inspiration

I stayed at the Fountainebleau in Miami last week for work - a gorgeous hotel full of inspiration for this girl. I love clean lines, white bedding and colorful pillows so hotel chic is right up my alley.

Taking a cue from my hotel photo session, I decided to finally organize my inspirations binder when I got home that weekend. Much like my recipes binder before I tackled that project, it consisted of a bunch of loose papers, ripped out magazine pages and printed out articles in categories like fashion, home, hair and life.

I picked up a 3 ring binder and a pack of tabbed dividers. The collection was amassed over the last 5 or 6 years from old Luckys, Dominos, InStyles, etc. I grabbed a stack of printer paper, my scissors and tape and got busy cutting.

Sonny and Fredo were very helpful.

The fashion section has the most to share - a collection of preppy sweaters, skinny suits, mod jackets and more. It's pretty amazing how easy it is to find your style when you collage a bunch of photos together. My brain started rolling at the prospect of a new spring wardrobe. Hey, there is a clothing drive coming up at work - I have to fill the closet back up eventually, right? I'm a master at justifying purchases.

No sooner had I formed these thoughts than I passed my local United Colors of Benetton and discovered the SALE OF THE CENTURY! Their end of season sale meant the whole store save coats and boots was $30 and under. I can cross a few button down shirts and knit vests off my need-to-have list tonight.

The hair section has hairstyles, hair colors and up do ideas. Randomly, several Mandy Moore pictures have been brought to the salon as my inspiration. Her auburn hair with blonde highlights shown below is the latest look I've been rocking. You can also see that I am slowly working up the courage to get a pixie cut. The inspiration keeps getting shorter and shorter. . .

The home section of the inspiration binder came in handy when decorating our new place. Although, I do realize that some things are just pipe dreams at this point. Sadly, I have no third bedroom to turn into a craft room like Pottery Barn advertises below. Love this table!

One of our upcoming projects for the house is a hall table, or as I'm calling it a "not-an-entryway table" since I originally thought we'd have room for one by the front door and was sadly mistaken. While I like the idea of a mirror above this table, the framed Monopoly "Chance" print and the Hollywood triptych in the photos below can't help but inspire creativity.

So what is the "life" section all about? I started printing out articles I would read on MSN lifestyle, entertaining and money sections as well as finding magazine features on healthy living and even an item on packing the perfect picnic basket. A random assortment, but nice to reference!

So there are the highlights of my ever-growing inspiration binder - what's in yours? And when can I start shopping?

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