Monday, January 25, 2010

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Budget Breakdown and Slideshow

My budget for this kitchen makeover project was $385. Why the odd number? The $85 came from the money earned from a market research study I participated in last fall. I had hoped to fit a couple more in before the holidays to help with the budget, but I was either ineligible or unavailable for the ones I got called about. Darn! Putting your name in for market research studies is a great way to earn extra cash – not to be confused with medical studies. I am not willing to get poked and prodded for a kitchen.

Here’s how the actual costs of all of the items and supplies I have written about ended up breaking down. The list could be an advertisement for The Container Store. I feel like Trish the Yard Sale chick on Clean House! (I did not cite costs for things I will be able to use again like the paint for the distressed frames and the glossy photo paper for the prints)

Painting and Cabinets ($201)
Hardware: $80 (The Home Depot)
Paint: $108 (2 gallons and 2 quarts of BEHR Premium Plus at The Home Depot)
Painters Tape, Sanding Block and Masks: $13 (The Home Depot)

Storage and Organization ($136)
Sliding Silverware Tray: $13 (The Container Store)
Spice Rack: $10 (The Container Store)
3 Tier Expand-a-Shelf: $10 (The Container Store)
Pot Lid Holder: $4 (The Container Store)
Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Supplies: $10 (Target; World Market coupon made one item practically free)
Cleaning Supplies shelf for back of cabinet: $7 (The Home Depot)
Rolling Cart: $17 (
3 Recycling Bins; 2 medium, 1 small: $35 (The Container Store)
3 Storage Bins; 2 small, 1 large: $10 (The Home Depot)
4-Tier Plastic Shelving: $20 (Menards)

Décor ($93)
Clock: $18 (50% off original price at TJ MAXX)
3 8 1/2" x 11" Picture Frames: $15 (IKEA)

Contact Paper: $15 (
Cork Drawer Liner: $8 (The Container Store)
Decorative Pitcher: $18 (20% off clearance item at Sur la Table)

2 Green Dishtowels: $14 (Sur la Table)
2’ x 3’ Rugs for back room: $5 (2 for 1 at Menards)

End result? $430. A bit over budget. Some creative accounting is also applied because my sister pitched in with a few items such as the new step garbage can, Simple Human plastic bag dispenser and a 14-piece Pyrex storage set. All in all, the kitchen was still done for under $500. And for the transformation we got I would say that is a pretty great value

Watch the slideshow below for all of the befores and afters . For more information on any of the areas,
and links to specific products, refer to these posts:
Initial Planning
Painting and Cabinets
Storage and Organization
Phase 2 Plans – Please take note of this post before reviewing the slideshow. I can’t let you think I left that hideous dishwasher in on purpose!

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  1. I've strolled in from Susan's. We're in the remodeling process of a condo. We're taking most of the lessons learned from the remodel of our house. I think white paint really transfers the older cabinets into a crisp classic look. I appreciate your "steps."

    Sweet wishes,

  2. You did a great job! I'm in the middle of a kitchen makeover, too - aren't they fun?!
    I think we chose the same hardware, lol!

  3. That is an amazing difference! Great job.

  4. What an amazing result! Looks over a hundred times better than before. Very, very nice!