Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Decor

We decided to keep décor to a minimum at this point. My parents can add to the walls as we go. For example, my mom is still deciding if she wants to continue displaying her antique grater collection on the walls by the sink.
For a burst of color inside of the now creamy white cabinets, we covered the shelves with contact paper called "Water Dance" found on Buying online makes me nervous when it comes to matching colors, but I was happy to discover upon arrival that it was a lighter shade of green and not a bright lime. I wrapped all of the shelves like presents for full coverage, but this also meant I ran out of the roll too quickly. Much like the cork that covered only two drawers, I misjudged how far this roll would stretch! I need to add another roll to my Amazon cart and ship to my mom to finish the job! I guess I could have skimped on how much of the shelf I covered, but I like the full coverage look.

In most cases, the contact paper is hidden behind the closed cupboard doors, but there is one shelf that has the chance to shine. If we had a much larger budget and new cabinets had been in the cards, I would have suggested 1 or 2 glass doors to display contents and make the kitchen a bit more open. We met this goal halfway by leaving one of the doors off of a skinny cabinet right by the microwave and stove. This also meant one less door to paint – added bonus! When painting the cabinets I made sure to fill in the hinge holes so it doesn’t look like a door is missing. The bottom shelf displays a rolling pin propped up in back of a decorative pitcher filled with a wooden spoon collection. The top shelf holds a small yellow vase my mother already owned. We also painted the back and sides of the inside of the cupboard to match the walls. If you are thinking the top shelf sits a bit too high, you would be correct. Unfortunately, one of the pre-drilled holes at the right level is warped and needs re-drilling. That can be part of Phase 2!

For the large wall in the dining area of the kitchen, the main addition I wanted to make was a new clock. I went shopping a couple months ago with my mom and we found this clock at a Garden Center in Green Bay. We thought it was perfect, but the $36 price tag was a little more than I had budgeted. I looked online to find it at a bargain price, no dice. Then, with only a few days to go until Christmas, I couldn’t believe my luck when I was trolling the aisles at TJ Maxx. The same exact clock, in fact the only one on the shelf, for $18. Score!

I first wrote about the plan to distress frames for seed packet prints a couple months ago in this post. My test one was with red and gold, but the final outcome used green instead of red. They are bit yellower than I initially wanted, but all in all look pretty good. I had bought 6 frames at IKEA, but once we started planning out the space we agreed 6 might be overkill. I still printed 6 different prints off of my home computer onto glossy photo paper so my parents can switch them out if they want. The 3 frames were hung on the back of the cabinets, looking into the dining area of the kitchen.

There is still room to grow when it comes to décor – stay tuned for Phase 2 plans to learn more!

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