Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Introduction

My Christmas present idea for my mother came to me this past summer when I was visiting and having a hard time sifting through their silverware drawer to find what I needed. It stands to reason the drawer would be filled after years and years of purchasing and receiving kitchen tools like citrus peelers, mushroom brushes, lettuce knives and more. I figured I would give her a kitchen storage package with a new silverware tray, a couple bins here and there and that would be it. As we started talking though, the project expanded into painting the walls and adding new hardware and paint color to the cabinets - and turned into a full-blown makeover in the process!

I stayed up north for additional days over Thanksgiving and Christmas to work on the kitchen and, although we have a few "phase 2" projects left, I am so happy with the results and I know my Mom is too!

This series will walk through the following aspects of the project:
- Color Scheme and Initial Planning
- Painting and New Hardware
- Storage and Organization 
- Art and Decor - including the distressed picture frames I worked on in this post.
- Budget Breakdown
- Phase 2 Plans

So, over the next couple weeks, check back in and learn how we went from this:

to this:


  1. I'm loving, the new look! You can count on me coming back to see how you did it :).

  2. It looks amazing! Our neighbors are planning to paint their cabinets...I'm going to send them your way!