Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Phase 2 Plans

The only bad part about finally finishing the kitchen after a very long 3 days? Realizing we weren't done! My time up north making over my Mom's kitchen with her was coming to a close and we both realized we were not going to be able to tackle all of the projects we had hoped to. Here are some of the areas of the kitchen that are still in reno mode:

The Dishwasher That Just Wouldn't Die.

I do not know what made me think we would just be able to grab the front of the non-functional dishwasher that was taking up precious space in the kitchen and pull it out. Not the case. We found it was still hooked up to the water and the electric. We left this project for another time and painted around it knowing that there would be needed touch ups once it did come out.

The plan? The new lidded garbage can and small rolling cart would fit in this space, with a curtain on a tension rod hiding them from view. I thought this might be left to the next time I was home, so I was surprised to find a picture text message from my mom showing that she and my dad successfully removed the dishwasher last weekend! She said it was a beast - sitting below the level of the tile which meant they had to lift and pull it out. A manual labor job I will admit I was happy to miss out on! Looking forward to sharing pictures of this area soon enough!

Curtains For You.
We did not finish painting the windowsills, instead waiting to see if we will want to paint them a third color to match a shade and valance that my Mom ends up picking out for the window above the sink and also for the picture window in the dining area of the kitchen. 

Being Shelf-ish.
I had big plans for putting up two Container Store shelves that had been up in my old place, but facing the anchor screws and shelf pieces with no instructions or experience using the cordless drill, I smartly decided to wait until I had back up (ie. Bob or my brother-in-law in the house). Once these go up, they'll house bamboo desk accessories I bought for my dad including a mail sorter. I also picked up bamboo key holders that we can attach to the wall next to the shelves for easy access.

Hiding the Bad.
This wall looks pretty empty with nothing against it, but purchasing a buffet table was not in the cards just yet. We did brainstorm how to cover the eyesore of a phone jack that has wires sticking out of it for some odd reason. Plans are to create a shadowbox type message board that can hide this piece in its hollowed back and provide a place for phone messages and more.

Lighten Up.
I love this "after" shot of the full kitchen, but the dark door to the back room more than stands out. We'll be painting the door the wall color for consistency. 

So, there you have the Phase 2 projects for the Kitchen Makeover. All that's left is a Budget Breakdown and Wrap Up! What are your guesses on what we spent??


  1. this looks so great! nice job!

  2. You are giving me ideas. I really need to do my kitchen.

    I'm very curious of the wooden stepper you have on your homepage, did you make it? If so, do you have the DIY steps I would love to make this.

  3. Hi Nancy - nope, that step is just a "found image" from google. I did a quick google search for you and came up with these instructions from eHow: