Monday, February 15, 2010

Color My World

I’m all about the free on the internet – dinner plans courtesy of, music from Pandora and photo sharing with Snapfish.

So I was extremely happy when I landed on a free service I didn’t even know I needed until very recently!

I just started taking an HTML class at my local city college (and by local I mean down the street from my house) as part of a Web Design certificate I am considering going for. 

While learning about style sheets, background jpgs and the like, I found myself thinking about how I can apply my new-found wisdom to a blog upgrade in the near future. My color scheme inspiration? A preppy purse I bought in Croatia. No sooner did I start to wonder how on earth I would be able to translate a purse into a blog than the teacher punched up

Wannabe designers create color scheme after color scheme. By registering you can save your own creations and manipulations. Also featured? Create a theme based on an uploaded image! It's the technological equivalent to bringing your daughter's favorite stuffed animal to the folks at The Home Depot and asking them to match paint colors. You could build your own swatch library for your home needs, room by room - imagine your living room inspired by a sunset:
Up went a photo of the purse, though I did make sure to carefully consider the background colors of the shot so there was not a rogue hot pink added to the mix. I ended up putting my bamboo plant in the background to see how green would blend in.

And voila - I have my new theme, complete with the HEX coding for each of my lovely colors.
The brainstorming for other design elements has begun! More information to come on The Big Blog Revamp, perhaps timing will coincide with my one-year blogiversary in May. . .feel free to email me with any suggestions!

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