Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Room by Room - Storage and Closets

We lucked out with our apartment having ample storage solutions. Between the coat closet, our bedroom closet, a basement storage unit and - shown above - a guest bedroom closet that is the length of one wall, we actually found places to house all of the stuff Bob and I had once we combined households!

Of course, sometimes having the extra room makes it easy  to keep filling up the space and forgo organization! The guest bedroom closet was split up into sections: games on the top shelf, left side; camping gear on the top shelf, right side. Holiday decorations on the lower shelf, right side; sports stuff on the lower shelf, center and craft supplies on the lower shelf, left side. Floor level includes frequently used suitcases, wall art and frames not being used right now, extra lamps (we have so many lamps!) and bins of my CDs. The CD situation is not ideal, but I am torn between getting rid of all the cases and finding a better solution. My sister has an ELFA storage unit from The Container Store attached to the back of a closet door housing all of her CDs but our closet doors do not shut if something is hanging over the top. Learned that the hard way with my old coat hanger!

If you are like me, your eyes are drawn to the Craft Supplies area of this closet. I was starting to accumulate more card making and project goodies than I had room for and when we added Bob's architecture arsenal (including a seemingly endless supply of fine tip markers), we decided to invest in some more drawer space. 6 medium sized drawers were picked up at The Container Store for $7 each. Using a label maker, each drawer has its assignment: pens, stamp pads, paint, cards, etc. 

I took the labeling a step further and added labels to some of the other storage boxes on the shelf including rubber stamps, blank notecards, tissue paper and scrapbook paper. I invested in accordion filers for things like stickers, scrapbook paper and things that could be organized by occasion.

I'm using smaller boxes to organize wrapping accessories like ribbon, bows and lots o' tissue paper. I don't like to save wrapping paper as I'm opening gifts, but will almost always set aside the tissue paper inside - not sure if I've ever actually paid for it myself! Wrapping paper is housed in the tall plastic bin in front of the closet - wish the shelf was just a tad higher so the wrapping paper bin would fit underneath. 

The guest bedroom closet is pretty much a done deal, but I can't help but have a nagging feeling that I forgot about something. Oh yeah! There's no room for an actual guest to hang their clothes up. Luckily, I was able to organize the basement storage unit enough to move the holiday decorations out of the way until they are needed next fall!

But here's what we started with. Oh dear.

The unit is about 4 feet wide and 5 feet deep, and a good 7 or 8 feet tall. So while space wasn't a problem, how we were using it was. Everything from paint cans and extra tile to our empty moving boxes to golf clubs to a chair we are holding for Bob's mom were piled on top of each other in no particular order.

We decided to take advantage of the height factor by adding a tall shelf against the back wall. After the success of the plastic storage unit we had put in the back room of my parents' kitchen, I decided to get a similar unit for us. The 5 shelf unit was $39 at The Home Depot and fit in perfectly. Our flattened moving boxes - we saved just a few of the good ones - are wedged on one side helping to hold the shelf securely in place. The bottom shelves hold boxes of extra wine glasses and a china set Bob inherited that just don't fit in our kitchen. Moving up, you can see the holiday totes that had previously taken up closet space upstairs. The top shelf, filled all the way to the ceiling, has empty boxes. The same can be said about the top shelf of our coat closet. Why so many empty boxes? It makes moving so easy when you have original packaging for fragile or unwieldy items. I figure as long as we have the room, no sense getting rid of them just yet. As I'm writing this, though, I'm staring at the ginormous box our 40" flat screen came in. . .I don't think this thing is going to make the cut!

Of course, the front of the storage unit still needed to house the chair and golf clubs along with some additional luggage. It was tight, but it all fit in just perfectly.

If I am this excited about having a storage unit, how crazy is it going to be one day when I have a house with room after room plus basement, garage, den. . .movie theater?

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  1. You should make a ribbon organizer like the one here for easy access to your ribbons! My friend made one and loves it!