Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fully Vested

This week marks my 5 year anniversary at my job which means I will be fully vested in my 401K company match! I celebrated by upping the percentage I throw into my 401K each pay period. A smarter me would have been upping it by at least a percentage point with each raise instead of pocketing the few extra dollars each month. Although my lump sum increase will be a bit jarring when I see my next paycheck, I am excited to start seeing those quarterly statements jump up!

Okay, thinking harder about where my money is going is one thing, but how am I really celebrating my anniversary week and being fully vested? A week of wearing vests to work!

I did a theme week a couple years ago when I wore a cardigan every day, calling it "Card-again?" The first two days were accidental repeats and then I decided to stick with it for the rest of the week.

Here's a few to start the week off right:

Banana Republic:

Forever 21:

J Crew:

My problem? I only own 4 vests. I guess this just means that I will have to do a little shopping midweek for No. 5. . . uh oh, I think I'm about to undo some of that "judicious money management" I was just priding myself on. 

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