Saturday, March 20, 2010

"I Could Make That" - Cat Perch

As adorable as Fredo looks hanging out as a part of our centerpiece, the place where we eat is probably not the best place for him to be taking a nap. Rather than spring for cat beds (buying two of everything for our little men is really adding up!) I thought I'd convert our storage bench into a comfy place to sleep. I first wrote about this storage bench in a post about our media center. Part of the IKEA Malm collection, it has a sliding top so you don't have to remove display items in order to open it. Housing old VHS tapes - a purge of which should really be considered for an upcoming spring cleaning extravaganza - and video game consoles, it sits under a sunny balcony window. 

We had also picked up two red chair cushions from IKEA for our barstools. Because our bar is abnormally high, the barstools we borrowed from my sister aren't getting much use - sitting in them makes you feel a bit like a two year old at the dinner table, peering over the edge. So, I did not feel too guilty about removing the cushions and affixing to the storage bench with velcro.
Why velcro and not just double sided tape? If we do have use for the stools - like when we had our SuperBowl party and needed the extra seating - it's easy to move the cushions back and tie to the chairs without ruining the sticky sides.

Keeping one or two of their toys on the bench is slowly getting Sonny and Fredo accustomed to taking a quick cat nap on their bench. Ahh, that's better!

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