Friday, March 26, 2010

Making Memories

One of my goals for the year is to help my sister with creating scrapbook pages for my niece, Ella. I wrote about the first set we did a few months ago and two hang on the nursery wall in frames. When she's ready to switch them out, a scrapbook is there ready to collect.

We got through one more page a couple weeks ago that definitely took a step back in time: the baby shower! Using photos from the event and cut outs from some of the decoration, this page built itself! We have a weekend planned soon to focus on other milestones like Baby's First Christmas, Playing Dress Up on Halloween and Supermodel Baby (she's definitely a budding Fashionista).

Personally, I have scrapbooks going back to Kindergarten. I actually had to re-do my K-8 grade book a couple years ago because it completely fell apart. Since I moved to a more traditional scrapbook type, I picked up an accordion filer for the yearbooks, art projects and 3D additions - basically all of the stuff that was causing the book to fill beyond capacity and fall apart!
In High School I switched to sticky page photo album binders for my photos and school stuff - that book is still at my parents' house in 1 of 2 boxes labeled "Lydia." When I left for college I knew the folks were planning on moving soon, so I packed my entire room up - reducing what I didn't take to college to 2 boxes. My anti-pack rat of a mother keeps threatening to throw them away, and as soon as I have a real house with an attic or other ample storage space I promised to take them off of her hands!

I do have my 1999 French Trip binder on hand, however. Created half because it was a required post-trip assignment for French Class and half because I probably would have done one anyway. As fun as the trip was (milestones: first time on a plane, out of the country) this album makes me look forward to a future trip to France that will hopefully not be with a group of forty 16-year olds! I'm sure I will see things a lot differently on that subsequent visit. . .
Senior Year of High School got its own book, I got the scrapbook and all of the material as a birthday gift so it came together pretty easily! 
Since Freshman year of college, I have kept a hybrid of scrapbook and photo album. Sometimes I get frustrated with proper scrapbook pages that look beautiful but only feature 1 or 2 photos, but then again photo albums never tell the whole story. After all, how would I be able to capture our "Ed" nights (coincidence the show lasted only the four years we were in school? I think not!) or the time that we spent the entire day and evening sitting in the school cafeteria with the pretense of studying but the reality of people watching and documenting every minute?
The books fill up pretty fast, especially if there is a wedding or trip that takes up a few pages just on their own. In a couple cases, a trip gets its own book, like my 2 1/2 week Australia excursion!

Amongst the photos, you can find invitations, cards and lotsa tickets. I have saved every movie/show ticket since as far back as I can remember - Let's put it this way: I have proof that I saw "The Rockateer." I do regret throwing out a stack of Playbills I had collected in a major purge a few years ago. I would have liked to have gotten one of those specialty binders that you can collect those in. Ahh well, at least I'll always have the ticket for the show! Umm, and yes - if you look closely at the photo before you can see that I paid to see Jason X in the theater.
Ever since I started photo sharing through Facebook, I have been a lot worse at printing photos. I use Snapfish and would always load them up to send to friends and family and ordering prints was the logical next step. I am actually amazed that Facebook has not partnered with the Snapfishes, Kodaks or Walgreens' of the world to offer print ordering through their photo album application. I have a backlog of photos to add to the book - and for the second year in a row I forgot to order pics from Halloween, skipping right to November and December - hoping to set aside some weekend time with scissors, tape and gel pens to caption out the past few months!
I sort of wish these books all matched, but I have to go with the product that's available at the time I need a new book. . . I guess it adds to the charm and makes me seem less like Kevin Spacey in Seven with all of his b&w marbled composition notebooks. I couldn't find the black cover/black pages books I liked at Michaels, Target or Urban Outfitters (my past suppliers), so the last couple books have been picked up from Borders and have similar but different colorful covers - they also have a lot more pages so the books have been lasting me for at least 1.5-2 years each!

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