Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Than "Just a Trim"

I really don't get my hair done very often - a combination of being cheap and lazy about making an appointment. This means when I do go to the salon, I am usually up for a drastic change. My hair grows very fast so I have no loyalty to it - "chop it off, it will be back soon enough" is my motto. I had been rocking long locks for the past year or so and it was getting longer than I can ever remember having it. My auburn color with blonde highlights inspired by this Mandy Moore In Style pic from had been fading fast and dark roots were taking over. 
I decided to go darker for a change of pace - maybe not as dark as this wig from halloween, but I talked with my stylist about how dark I could go without looking goth. My complexion is, how shall I put this, between porcelain and transparent with lots of freckles sprinkled in. Although in the summer I will typically get some color - picture a nice shade of sunburn red. I had in my head how Alyson Hannigan went from red red red to darkest brown on How I Met Your Mother, but I also had to keep in mind that her hair color change coincided with a sudden tanorexic look which was not going to work for me.
Flipping through the People Magazine at the salon, I found a Courtney Cox photo that matched the look I was going for and we found a shade that would work.
I have gone the self-inflicted box hair dye route many times in the past, and typically the only times I go to the salon for this service is when highlights are involved - I am not trying that one myself, I just know there would be disastrous results. Since I do not go in every six weeks as some say you should, more like 3 times a year, I don't see it as much of a splurge anymore. My stylist did two colors so the top layers are a little lighter than the rest, also something I would not have been able to accomplish in my own bathroom.

Plus, I saved a little cash by using a welcome package stamp card that Salon Michael provided - this was my second visit. I thought this was a great little perk to give new customers to keep them coming back: $15 off your first visit, $20 off your second visit and $10 off your third visit, plus savings on retail and spray tans, complimentary eyebrow wax and hair treatment. I was just saying my wallet wasn't already packed enough with credit cards, rewards cards and punch cards!

As for length, I had a couple options: go shoulder length or go shorter knowing it would grow out soon. I am in a friend's wedding in October and just want it long enough to be able to pull back by then. Here were the photos I brought with.

We decided to split the difference and go a little above shoulder length. He gave me longer fringe I could part on either side or in the middle - my cowlick likes to act up so this is always a challenging area and my hair naturally goes towards a middle part.

And the end result! I am really happy with it and love how the color makes my blue eyes pop. Luckily, I had plans to meet friends out right after my appointment- no good wasting a salon blow out by just going home for the night!