Monday, March 22, 2010

"I Could Make That" - A Place for Baubles, Bangles and Beads

What a productive couple of days! A rare weekend opened up without obligations to head out to the suburbs, take a trip out of town or go out with friends led to a nice little checklist:

Clean the house top to bottom, do laundry, get rid of a couple items on craigslist, fill out the census, do a couple crafty projects and top it off with seeing a movie on Sunday as a reward.

So what were the craft projects? I talked about plans to organize our desk area in this post about our still in progress bedroom. Here's what we started with:

I started making plans to buy a corkboard, some fabric and hooks to re-create this DIY endeavor. Then I scrolled down a bit and and found a link to a similar blog post that showed using a shadowbox as a necklace holder. Of course! Why didn't I think of that! I should have thought about the possibility of the cats being tempted by hanging jewelry that would lead them to jump on the desk and wreak havoc. Bonus? I already had a shadowbox that wasn't being used. I wrote about my Ode to the Alma Mater in this decorating post but it was currently collecting dust in the closet. 
Thoughts of lining the back with fabric or scrapbook paper crossed my mind, but I decided to add colorful hooks instead. A trip to Blick (buying paint supplies for Bob's big art project - stay tuned!) turned up a magnetic strip and magnetic hooks. I knew when buying the 14" strip that it might not work the way it should - it only fits lengthwise, but necklaces are a little too long to hang in a horizontally-turned shadowbox. Although they are affixed with double sided tape for jewelry organizer purposes, in a future life I can see this used against a magnetic board/fridge. 
Necklaces hang from these hooks and pins hold my hoop earrings in place.
The new and improved shadowbox is hanging on the wall alongside my 8x10 prints of Elvis, Audrey and James Dean - good folks to channel when accessorizing, don't you think? 
With the jewelry out of the way, that cleared off the desk almost entirely. I found new homes for my box o' change (can't wait to cash that bad boy in after a year of saving come June) and a couple other tchotchkes. We picked up this scroll tray from CB2 and a mail sorter from World Market. Bob can use this area to collect all of the stuff that typically builds up on the kitchen counter.

One productive weekend checked off of the list - we even had time on Sunday to go out to brunch with friends and head to the theater to see Shutter Island. A good way to put off the inevitable Sunday night doldrums & Monday morning blues.

PS. This is Post #100! Wahoo!

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  1. Happy 100th! I think your little organizational project turned out great... I never would have thought to use magnets.