Monday, April 26, 2010

Making More Scrapbook Art

Preparing for my niece Ella's first birthday party (wait til you see what we have planned for that!), my sister and I spent an afternoon making a few more scrapbook pages to display her memory book. We took on Halloween, Daycare and Father's Day in this go 'round.

Halloween was a fun - I had a pack of black and white paper that I had previously used for my Christmas cards. One page made a particularly fitting background, but when she tried to put it in the book, my sister realized the page was about 1/2 an inch too tall - aren't all of these books supposed to be standard size??

Ella was a spiderweb and her parents went as a fly and a spider - the creepy crawly family looked pretty impressive that night. With an American Apparal black long sleeved onesie and hat, spiderweb Babylegs and a white onesie with a fabric marker design, Ella was really embracing the holiday! 

Using a stencil to cut the photos for a half circle, we realized we could make the top of a pumpkin with the orange background we were going to use. And when I saw "we" I mean Bob sitting on the couch watching baseball looked over and said, "Oh - its a pumpkin!" Yeaaaaahh, that was our plan all along :-)
The cupcake stencils are from Martha Stewart - we used a square craft punch to make the little cut outs for the bottom section, allowing us to put the rest of the cupcake picture to good use. 3D spider stickers crawled all over the page and candy corn stickers rounded out the design. Can't wait until next year when she might actually comprehend what dressing up is - and what trick or treating is!
Ella's Daycare page features one of her art projects (they start them off young!) and a few pictures that the daycare provided to her parents. Looks like she is having a lot of fun while mom and dad are working hard!
Love this "B is for Baby" stamp that my sister found - using scalloped scissors gives it a fun edge. Some flowery brads are used for additional design on an otherwise fairly simple page.
Finally, we focused on my brother in law's First Father's Day! Going back in time, Ella is only a month old here - she was actually born just a few days after Mother's Day in 2009 so we are looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day this year just a day after her first birthday party - the grandmothers will also be in town so perfect timing for a nice Sunday brunch! we used a footprint stamp and layered construction paper for the photo backgrounds. Wondering if Ella picked out that cake herself - looks yummy!
If you want to see the other pages we've made for this little lady, check out this post for Bath Time, Baby Announcement and her Strawberry Outfit and this post for the Baby Shower.

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