Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning in this household has begun in full force. Here's what we've done so far and what we have planned:

Closet Purge

I did an honest assessment of the wardrobe and cleared out anything that I have not worn in the last year (save for some of the dress clothes that are the exception to the rule). This gave me about 20 free hangers in the closet that I can save for some new spring duds - I think a trip to J.Crew soon is in the cards for me.

The clothes that no longer had a home in my home were donated to the Salvation Army.

Craigslist is Your Friend

We had a few big items taking up precious real estate in the apartment including a 4 drawer file cabinet and Bob's old TV. This took some perseverance - especially for the file cabinet. We ended up posting three different times before it got someone on the hook that followed through, but within a few days of each other both were out of our lives and Bob had an extra $90 in his pocket!
Electronics Be Gone
Our closet has a bag full of old cell phones and chargers, my deceased laptop (R.I.P. Dell) and some old printer ink cartridges I was never quite sure what to do with. Time for a trip to the recycling center. When I moved out of my old place I took an old printer and a broken DVD player to Best Buy customer service as part of their recycling program. Cell phones (and batteries for that matter) have kiosks set up in various places for collection of your used items. It is also a good time to go through the junk drawer and the toolbox to see what we have been keeping for no good reason. For instance, have you ever found a power cord with no recollection of what it is for and it just sits in your closet? Chances are, if you haven't had to plug it in in a year you probably won't need to (or you threw the item away awhile back!)

Refrigerator Reno

Leftovers are good. Leftovers that outstay their welcome in your fridge are not so good. We started to realize we had no tupperware left and that they were all being held hostage by food we were never going to eat. It's amazing how full your fridge can look without having any actual food inside - after purging it looked like we only ate mayonnaise and Miller Lite (yes, a whole shelf full of cans still left over from our Super Bowl Party!). The shelves got a much needed disinfecting and we could finally do a real assessment of what staples we needed to pick up at the grocery store.

My inspiration for a great looking fridge?
This article from Real Simple:

Next up for us is getting our balcony ready for spring including planting flowers and a veggie garden. This means we have to first clean out the baskets and pots we left for dead to be covered with snow all winter!

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