Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Even More Scrapbook Pages

One of my goals for the year included making 8 scrapbook pages for my niece - happy to say that this has been accomplished - and that the book has room for several more! I can foresee 1 or 2 from her first birthday celebration alone!

My sister and I hunkered down for a full day of birthday party planning/scrapbooking on a recent Sunday.

We had roughly 100 photos from Christmas celebrations alone so we left room to fit in 3 pages for the holiday. The first one focuses on winter - Ella is all bundled up, equal parts enjoying the outdoors and wondering what all this white stuff is. The circle of snowy words is actually the inside of my Christmas cards from this year - the one I sent my sister was destroyed for a good cause.
And this photo of her with her little booties and a cap on makes her look just like a little elf!
For a family-themed Christmas page, we attached photos of Ella with Grandma Goessel and her Aunt Kate along with the Ollingers' Christmas card. You've probably noticed the interesting shapes of this and the previous page - they fit perfectly in the book and add a fun element to the design.
Since there was some dead space in the picture with my Mom between them and the aluminum tree, we cut up the picture and layered them instead. We also scallop-cut the Christmas card to take up a little less space. I absolutely love Ella's pose in that shot - and her little outfit!
Another Christmas themed page focused on gift giving and receiving! Yes, Ella did receive Sophie the Giraffe (a teething toy). No, she did not receive the bottle of champagne that she's mesmerized by in the corner photo, but it was too cute not to add to the page! 
We used decorated gift tags and ribbon for the photo backgrounds.
 Ella loved looking at all of the presents, and though she hasn't quite mastered opening them up herself, she often liked the wrapping just as much as the gift itself!
To decorate this corner of the page, I leafed through old Christmas cards and found one with cute little 3D stickers. Carefully cutting them off the card, the characters created a little parade along the bottom of the page. Saving old cards you receive from friends throughout the years not only helps out craft-wise, but reading through the stack of cards from years past might make you feel like re-connecting with that old college roommate!

Now this page was fun! Ella has shown fashion model tendencies since her early days - and she has so many ultra-adorable outfits it is impossible not to pose her on the couch for some fashionista photo spreads! 
 We picked out a few outfits to feature and ordered wallet sized prints from Walgreens online - they were ready for pick-up within a couple hours.
 Although having to order wallets in sets of 4 rather than just getting 1 was not the most budget-conscious, it did give us the ability to get a little artsy in posing the pictures - as you see with her swimsuit photo shoot. 
 I originally wanted to make a filmstrip border for the second row of photos, but black and white film cells sort of clashed with our sweet n pretty pink page. So, we did an alternate version of film cells with cutting out smaller frames on pink and using a flowery border cut-out along the top and bottom. The Eiffel Tower stamp adds a touch of world class - I think she's ready for the Paris Fashion Shows, don't you?
 Our last page of the day was another Fashionista page featuring a few polka dot outfits! A fairly simple page, it let us use some great cardstock from a set called "All Dressed Up" found at Michaels. Really cool prints!
 Using an alphabet stamp set, I cut out all the letters in individual circles which added another fun element to the page. You can also get a glimpse of some of the images from a Parisian-Inspired stamp I picked up not too long ago.
 Work it Girl!

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  1. You're so good! I've never been able to scrapbook because I'm really bad at editing down pictures and organizing layouts. Those look great :).

  2. What an adorable fashionista LO - thanks for playing along with us at the Studio.