Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Estate of Things

Just back from a work trip to St. Louis - we had the opportunity to take in a Cardinals game - wondering whose responsibility it is to keep the arch cut into the field like this - pretty cool! Perhaps when I do have a yard we can mow images into it and be a fly over attraction. . .
More important than creative lawn care: two surprises awaited me when I came home Friday night!

First, something that should not have been a surprise save for me completely forgetting about this since last Monday! Bob found an estate sale set up in an empty storefront near his office last Monday. I headed over after work to meet him and check out the options. He thought he had found a potential hallway table to replace our plans to make one (see the beginnings of that planning here and here). Alas, the table was too short and too deep to work for us. But, what we did find were a stack of Crate and Barrel-esque chairs that we could use as a replacement desk chair. See below, the one we currently has too tall arms and just takes up all-together too much space in the room. 

The black chairs were listed at $30 each so Bob said he'd stop in the next day with the car and pick one up. He ended up pulling out some negotiation power and getting 2 for $40 - can't hurt to have an extra one around!
We thought that we could remove the legs easily and paint the chairs easily to match decor if classic black isn't what we decide we want - bright yellow? crimson red? baby blue? The possibilities are endless.
The second surprise was an early birthday present from Bob: a new camera!  My little Canon Powershot has been going strong for 3 1/2 years, but I tend to get frustrated with how the night photos turn out (or rather do not turn out) and a lot of the lighting issues I get from the close up photos needed for the bloggin'.

I was delighted to open up the box and find a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55! Can't wait to start playing around with this one - I think I might look into taking a little more time to learn about the camera and all the things I can use it for beyond point and click. . .I'll be sure to share resources for improved photography as I find them!

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