Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - One Quick Update

Just came back from a weekend visit to my parent's house for the first time since our big kitchen makeover over Christmas!

After looking at the pictures so many times, it was great to see the kitchen in person after giving it time to sink in - I think I was still dazed when I headed out after it was all finished!

Had to show this quick update so you wouldn't think I left in that gross gross dishwasher! As a reminder here's what we started with:
And here's how I left in late December after the surrounding areas got a coat of paint. You'll also notice that I attempted to figure out how to remove the thing, resulting in a busted bottom!
And here's what I found going up north this weekend - very impressed with my parents for wrestling the old broken down dishwasher out of the space.
Isn't that great? The new garbage can fits perfectly underneath, and the lid still lifts up all the way. There had never been a good spot in the kitchen for the trashcan so it is great to get it out of the way. The little cart next to it holds some produce for now, but can also be used for garbage bags and extra cleaning supplies that don't fit under the sink.

At first I thought a curtain covering this space would good, but I can see how that would be annoying if you need to keep raising it/pushing it aside to throw things away. Ideally, we'll also paint the insides of the walls, as the wood paneling look is so last year. . .

Speaking of Before & Afters - if you have one, be sure to check out the
One Project Closer Before and After Contest! They are partnering with Habitat for Humanity in this showcase of great before & afters! Showing off your renovated rooms AND donating to charity? Sounds like a plan!

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