Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Anniversary

1 Year Ago we went from this:
to this:
to this:
As we settle in for another year in Uptown, it is fun to think about how much we've done. . .and what we still need/want to do! In the meantime I will revel in the fact that I don't have to move this year!

After negotiating our year two rental fee increase down a bit, Bob and I find ourselves with extra cash that would have come out of our pockets each month. What do we see this working towards in our future?

1. new bed - my full size IKEA Malm and matress are starting to finally wear out their welcome after a good 5 year run. Time to upgrade!

2. save it - a new car, becoming homeowners and who knows what else are in our future. Maybe we should save our pennies now and put that additional cash in the savings account each month.

3. plane ticket - a recent glance at Bob's cousin's Round the World itinerary got us thinking about meeting them somewhere across the pond early next spring. Tickets to Russia, Egypt or Tokyo right now are hitting between $900 and $1100. This extra cash could cover one of our tickets!

4. this shirt - we could spend the whole thing on this one item from Roberto Cavalli. Just kidding - I honestly can't imagine ever being in a situation where that is acceptable.

5. OR. . .admit that my math is suspect and we don't actually have any extra money to work with but that actually we'll be poorer because we still experienced a rental increase of $75 a month beyond the negotiation . .

Boo! I don't like reality checks!

So. . how instead will we be saving for the extra cash per month?

1. keep our Discover card in check - one less dinner out per month. We don't overdo dining out to begin with, but one less $80 meal will definitely make a big dent.

2. use air conditioning as a last resort - last year our bills weren't too high at all. Until our meter man actually came out and readjusted for what we should have owed all summer! Time to bust out the fan and think cool thoughts.

3. find money - see this post about the perception of free money. Odd job things like market research studies and serving beer at summer festivals could also bring in some cash.

4. Groupon - of course, its a fine line between buying discounted gift certificates for places you don't actually need to go, but the restaurant ones always come in handy and can solve the pesky problem of being indecisive about where to go for dinner. . .

I'm going to keep brainstorming, but in the meantime I might go back to the fantasy world of having free money to work with!


  1. You might want to check in your area (if you haven't already of course) about a budget plan with your electrical and gas companies. We one a plan here in Richmond, and it saves us a lot of money during certain months of the year!

  2. yes market research! i work for Synovate and you can participate in focus groups, online panels, mystery shopping....lots of way through market research to make easy (and kinda fun) cash and/or incentives.