Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strawberry Fields

About 35 miles northwest of Chicago lies an idyllic town straight out of Gilmore Girls. Throughout the year, Long Grove features Apple Fest, Chocolate Fest and - as it was this past weekend - Strawberry Fest. We headed out to the 'burbs for a day of music, food and relaxation. An extra hot day, the Strawberry Lemonade cooled us down as we walked around the town and in and out of the gift shops.
First up, we hit the Apple Haus tent for Strawberry Donuts and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.
Don't mind if I do. Sugary goodness made sweeter with a strawberry kick on the inside. PS. Can you tell I've been having fun trying out my new camera and the great shots it can get at the macro setting?
We set ourselves up at a table on the lawn in front of a great blues band. My one year old niece, Ella, had plenty of room to run around. She is just finding her legs in the last few weeks! Now it is a matter of just keeping up with her! The strawberry rhubarb pie taunted us from its box the longer we sat. 
We headed to the Sauce tent from Galena Canning Company - basically every type of salsa, bbq sauce, dressing that you can think of. What is it about a homemade jar of something that makes it taste so much better? Bob made a mistake by tasting a bit of the Blazin' Habanero Salsa for the second year in a row. Will he ever learn?
A couple beers later, we realized our day at the Fest would not be complete without a box o' berries to bring home. Look at these bad boys:
The day was getting on, and we had a sleepy baby on our hands which meant that it was time to leave the Fest and this lovely little town. On our walk back to the car, one particular stand caught our eye and we weren't about to let us pass it by.
DEEP FRIED COOKIE DOUGH! Oh my gosh. Cookie dough wrapped up in a sweet wonton wrapper. Chocolate and powdered sugar drizzled generously on top and a side of vanilla ice cream. 
Okay, now I'm completely stuffed. Until Apple Fest, Long Grove: I bid you adieu. 

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