Thursday, July 8, 2010

Abstract Art - Round 2

I thought I'd offer another sneak peek into Bob's abstract art endeavors. As a reminder, this is what he has so far created for a 3 panel work for our bedroom using some old canvases I no longer wanted up.
Here's round 2 in progress. Please be careful with that paint spatter, sir! To experiment with finer drips, Bob used a couple squeeze bottles I had received in an "approved for plane travel" cosmetic case.
And here's where we're at right now. To me it doesn't fit exactly with the first panel, but I like it nonetheless! Our current thinking is that we'll find another place for this guy in the house and tie the remaining panel (larger than both of these) to Number 1.
One thought is to affix it to the wall above our media cabinet. The empty wall space has been begging for a decor addition since we moved in, but to be honest we've been waiting to find the perfect radial/3D sculpture art to give the wall some texture. When we put this piece up against the wall, however, it tends to lose its luster against the darker blue wall. We are looking into frame options to help define its space on the wall.
One panel left, can't wait to see what develops and get something up on our walls!

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