Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard Re-Org

I had a lazy Sunday this past weekend that involved 3 movies (see the reviews on the sidebar), 2 episodes of Community on Hulu (didn't give the show enough credit when it was on this past season, but it is pretty hilarious) and half of The Girl Who Played With Fire (liking it more than the first, but that might be because I know all the characters so well now).

Feeling a bit sloth-like, I decided I had to make at least one contribution to the household. I tackled our kitchen cabinets that held the pots and pans, bakeware and mixing bowls. The goal was to organize and find some extra room to hold all of the cat food cans we now find ourselves needing to buy for our spoiled kitties. A trip to Costco loaded us up with 48 cans. The price was good, but then you have to put them somewhere. . .always the challenge with the big box stores and why I don't make regular trips or feel the need for a membership there.

We had actually started a mini-re-organization a few months ago by moving our spices into a pull out drawer as opposed to standing up in one of the cabinets. This has made it so easy to sift through the spices we have and freed up room in the cupboards for the tall bottles of vinegars, basalmics and the like.

Here's what we started with: not overflowing, but definitely not organized. 
First step was getting everything out of the cupboards to see what I might be able to get rid of/give to goodwill. For example, I recently bought a 12 count muffin pan and also have a 24 count mini muffin pan and 2 muffin top pans. I took the opportunity to put my 6 count muffin pans into the to-go pile. 

Sonny makes a case for turning the cupboard into a new cat playroom:

I employed a trick I discovered and utilized when I did the big kitchen makeover for my Mom last Christmas - read all about that organization overhaul here. The most annoying thing about this cupboard is pulling out the muffin trays and baking pans from the bottom of the pile. I moved all of these into an upright position into the neighboring cupboard. You could also add your cutting boards to this vertical stack.
To make room for the tall pans, I had to switch them out with the crockpot and iced tea maker - the good news was that there was lots of new room in the first cabinet!
Are you seeing something else that wasn't originally on these shelves? If you guessed the pastel colored mixing bowls you'd be correct. I had to rearrange another cupboard to find room for our cat food cans. This meant one set of mixing bowls got the boot. Our stainless steel set and the Pyrex set stayed with the cat food.
On a roll, I decided to tackle the utensil and silverware drawers. Oh dear, what a sorry state we find ourselves in. Especially since half the items are still in their packaging.
I split them up by purpose and threw the baking essentials together: rolling pins, whisks, pastry blender and brushes stayed to one side of the drawer. I even found room in the drawer for a new set of cedar planks for the grill.

The silverware drawer was not too bad off, thanks to our wooden utensil tray that helps us keep order with the forks, spoons and knives.
A few tweaks to the drawer - making sure all the zesters, graters and grinders were in the back and the spatulas, big spoons and tongs were handy in the front created some order. I also realized there was no reason I was separating the spoons from the tablespoons - they came from different sets. We use them interchangeably depending on what is clean! I determined what we probably use the most - the can opener - and gave it one of the coveted tray slots.
This project under my belt, I felt a little better about my Day of Rest. Back to the couch with me!

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