Thursday, July 1, 2010


Looking for the easiest way to spruce up your walls for the season? Take a page from my sister's book (or should I say, "magazine") and find a few summer-centric pages, cut to fit the frames you have on hand. While these three frames are identical, I also like the idea of using different sized, mis-matchy frames you already have to create a scene. Although summer will be the theme that ties them together, you could also focus on one color or summer-y foods to make the connections.
Thanks for the wall art idea, sis!
Although owning a real piece of art is admirable, I find it so hard to believe that people pay top dollar to outfit their home with the same IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target prints that everyone has, when it is so easy to personalize and design your own art by framing every day items that mean something to you. I prefer to think of it as acting creative and unique as opposed to being cheap as hell.

Calendar Pages - we employed this on our Chicago wall in the hallway with some black and white shots from the early 1900s. A great way to keep great images or photography on hand long after the year is over. As another example, in college I had an Elvis Presley calendar of black and white images of the King. After the year was through, I kept the 4 images that featured him playing different instruments and put those up in a display.
Fabric - you could either frame the fabric or cover a cheap canvas like you might for a do-it-yourself headboard. Here's a tutorial I found from Canadian House and Home (also photo source).
Scrapbook Paper - Match the color scheme of the room and frame a pattern or print from the stacks and stacks of options you can find at Michaels! Buy specialty frames to hang your actual scrapbook pages on the wall.
Enlarged book print - this could be a cute display for a kids' room: Take their favorite book and frame a few pages of the story, with one or two frames containing illustrations. Be sure to scan an edition that features a whimsical font or illustrations right in the text for some added flair. Personally, the illustrations from the original Alice in Wonderland are some of my favorite images in print.
Game Boards - I've seen this idea on the blog Infarrantly Creative way back when - frame your game board and attach packages of the pieces and playing material to the back of the frame so the game is usable. Keeping it in the frame will help protect the board from spills and more. Of course, you could also render the game unplayable by gluing words onto your scrabble board that mean something to you or using them as backgrounds for your photos. Picture your family photos on a Life background, Candyland to showcase a recent trip to the fair or a Hersheys Factory tour or pie-shaped photos on a Trivial Pursuit board to celebrate a graduation.
If you have an idea or a photo to share be sure to link to it, I love finding new ideas for wall art! Want a little more? Learn how to distress frames, create art out of puzzles and embrace your inner abstract artist in the archives!

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  1. Game board art is a great way to "reuse" those games that have lost pieces (either your own game, or one bought at Goodwill or a yard sale). I like the idea of gluing some pieces on to the board, as though a game is in process. It would be neat decoration for a game room or family room!