Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild Cards

Another whirlwind card making day this past Saturday.

The living room exploded with card making supplies - and two very helpful kitties who stuck around the entire time to lay on everything. I didn't have a particular card style in mind, instead made a smattering of birthday, thank you, wedding, congratulations and just for fun. I'm leaving all of them blank on the inside for now - more versatile that way!
I bought a pack of cardstock labels from Michaels which could be layered up for added card elements - and allow me to not stamp directly on the card. I inevitably mess up the stamping when I try to do things directly on the card and not on a separate layer! I used a square hole punch for the window effect. Next step will be figuring out how I can make that fourth punch to complete the window when the hole punch won't go any further. Back to not wanting to mess up the actual card, I stamped the flower image on a scrap piece of the same cardstock and taped to the back where I wanted it to show through.

I realized I need to pick up a couple new "happy birthday" type stamps. I got pretty sick of the couple I have after awhile!

My last trip to Michael's I bought wedding themed paper and phrase stamps (ie. "On Your Special Day"). I had this bride and groom sticker from a project a long time ago and had never found a use. I think the couple fits in perfectly on this card!
I wrote about ticket-themed cards in this post and used up a few more here. I used foam adhesive squares to make "soar" and "live" pop out a bit more than "play." I think the little foam adhesive squares are my most utilized items when it comes to card making - that and my Fiskars paper cutter! Have I mentioned my inability to cut in a straight line?
I started out trying to make a stockpile of my own cards but got to thinking I might put together some card sets to sell at a craft show my aunt is a part of this fall.

The question is: would you rather buy a set of cards that contained:
a) all the same design
b) different designs but all one color scheme and topic (ex. all purple and green birthday cards)
c) different designs and color schemes but same topic (ex. all birthday cards)
d) a "wild card" grab bag assortment, different designs and topics (ex. 5 birthday cards, 3 thank you cards and 2 wedding cards)

or e) I wouldn't pay for these. You should stick to your day job.


  1. What a great idea! I guess I would choose a set of cards that are either C or D.

  2. I'd go with D! I love the assortment!

  3. At craft fairs, I've always chosen the single design unless I could see what the other cards in the pack looked like.